7.27.09 Finally, Some Updates!
Sorry its been so long since I posted some new stuff to this website. School has been REALLY busy. Don't worry though, I'm still playing and writing music and have actually uploaded the a NEW SONG! Its called "Alone." Not only that, but we have another BONUS update! Dilap Malal, the official Milap Dalal cover band, has posted up a cover to the song "Even If You're Gone". Its AWESOME, and even awesomer if you like Ben Folds-like music. Check out the NEWS page for more info. And let me know if you like the new songs or not :). I promise I'll soon get back to working on the sign-up page again :-p.

1.2.09 Happy New Year!
Happy New Year everyone! To celebrate the start of '09, I uploaded the a NEW SONG! Its called "Leela." Check out the NEWS and DEDICATIONS pages for more info.

12.25.08 Merry Xmas
Merry Xmas and Happy New Year everyone! I wish you all the best for the rest of 2008, and even better things to come in 2009. For my "annual" xmas-time upload, I covered "All at Once" by The Fray (with a little artistic license :) ). More gossip and juicy tidbits (well, at least more info) in NEWS.

10.13.08 To Dada
I'm gonna keep this short because I really don't what to say here. Twelve days ago, my grandfather (or Dada as I call him) passed away. I wrote a song in his memory. Dada, I hope you like it.

8.25.08 Ballads for Ballots
So heres the basic scoop...I've been getting some good feedback on the website, so I wanted to see exactly how good my songs were and submit them to a lyrics contest. But I'm cheap. More importantly, I'm a broke grad student. So I did some browsing...and found some lyrics contest where you can submit a song for $30. Then I found one which lets you submit for $20. Then another for $15. Then I saw it...a lyrics contests where they pay you!!!! Hhahah, $25 (paid to me) for the entry, $5k for the winner. All you really have to do is make a music video for your favorite political candidate (hahah, actually MUCH easier said than done). Anyway, I created something I think is pretty good that's posted on the MediaCurves website. After the contest ends, I'll relink the vid if I don't win (hopefully I do!) and let you know how I did. Let me know what you think!

6.21.08 Got Facebook?
In case you didnt know, I have a facebook group! All you facebook members, come on and join Fans of MilapDalal.com!

6.15.08 First Album Title Named! And the Second!
Nope, I'm not saying anything here. You're gonna have to check out NEWS.

6.3.08 New songs!
Hey everyone! Hope you're all liking the new site! I just wanted to post a quick update of stuff here (more info on the "These Are Times" and "One Of A Kind", so make sure you check it out on the music page. Also, check out the new release from Dilap Malal, the official Milap Dalal cover band (awesome name, right? curious? check out the news.

5.10.08 - NEW SITE LAUNCH!
Welcome to the new and much improved MilapDalal.com.
Let me know what you think of the site (I give it one thumb up...it seems)! For those of you who miss the old site, click here.

Note: a special thanks to carbonleaf.com. Not only are they a terrific band, but this site was based off of the design of their site. Check them out if you have some time.

4.11.08 First Live Performance at GT ECESIS!
I'll try to make this short and sweet...but we know that never really happens. Basically, I submitted two songs (Then It Rains and Live Again) to the Georgia Tech ECE online arts magazine (ECESIS), and both were accepted! Even more awesomely, Live Again was voted best music submiission of 2008! Click here to check out the ECESIS page. As if that wasn't enough, I was also invited to play LIVE and open the 2008 ECE fair! How awesome is that?!?!?! The vids are up on YouTube now, so check them out and let me know what you think!

4.10.08 "Untitled" is now "Live Again"
So there's been a long delay in making the announcement, but the song "untitled" has officially been changed to "live again." Thanks to my friend (and fan club prez) Sahana Nagananda for figuring out the perfect name :). More dedications and thank yous on the dedications page.

A few things you should know (aka the fine print :) ):

1) The A Cappella songs that I've done are usually about the first minute or so of the song...I usually don't go further than that. It's partially due to the fact that after making all the parts of the song and getting the voices just right (every part you'll hear in those songs is actually me!) I'm too lazy and tired to continue. Its also due to the fact that my 6-year old computer crashes every time I get to the minute-30 mark.

2) Check out carbonleaf.com, weezer.com, and superaloo.com. I'm pluggin' these sites because I used them as "inspiration" to design this website. The coding was done by me using the aforementioned sites as templates, and I figure if I plug them, I won't get sued...

3) Special thanks to my brother Aalap for letting me put this site up under his domain and taking the needed photos for the site without giving me any harassment whatsoever...and believe me, there were a LOT of openings...

4) Please send me any photos you have of me doing anything or anything that works with the theme of this website. I might even add it to one of the pages (and you'll get credit for the awesome pic)